The EO4SMB consortium has been highly visible at the CryoSat-2 10th Anniversary meeting, featuring in no less than 3 different presentations. In particular, various members of the EO4SMB team presented early results from the project and generated early interest in the anticipated products. Louise Sørensen gave an invited keynote talk on the Greenland and Antarctic Ice sheets, in which she highlighted the work of EO4SMB in developing measurements of one of the key meteorological components of the climate system. Tom Slater gave a talk on the early proof of concept measurements of Greenland meltwater runoff during the CryoSat-2 period, which forms the methodological basis for one of our core EO4SMB parameters. Robert Wassink presented a poster giving an overview of the EO4SMB study as a whole. The CryoSat-2 10thAnniversary meeting was held online between 14th and 17th May 2021 and was attended by over 100 international participants.

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