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Within EO4SMB we have focused on developing novel statistical approaches to resolve local-scale ablation rates, suitable for focused and smaller-scale monitoring of run-off on a catchment-by-catchment basis. Specifically, we have explored the use of techniques such as Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA; a timeseries decomposition method) to separate signal and noise in local-scale altimetry time series and sliding windows to better capture the true seasonal peaks and troughs caused by snowfall and melting. As part of this proof-of-concept, we have performed detailed inter-comparison to in situ field data, focusing particularly on the Russell Glacier catchment close to the western margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet. These results have shown very promising capability of CryoSat-2 to accurately retrieve seasonal ablation rates at local scales, when appropriate processing methodology is put in place. In the future, further development and utilisation of the methods at the ice sheet scale holds the opportunity to resolve finer detail meteorological signals and also to expand to other altimetry missions and smaller ice covered regions.